Saturday, 17 December 2016

GOING ABROAD: practical information

Dear Readers ♥ ,
in today's post I would like to talk about, what is good to have with you and what you shouldn't forget about,if you are going to go to another country.
Let's start...

Before I decided to go abroad, I visited two presentations of people who travel a lot and they share their stories with others.I did it,because I still wasn't sure if I really want to do it and leave my country,so I needed some kind of inspiration,I suppose.
So I went there and you know what? The only thing they told us was what they did abroad,how it changed them,which places they visited etc. I mean,it was kind of interesting,but what I really cared about and what I really wanted to know,was HOW they left, what they NEEDED to do before they left.And if someone tells you: ,,Just pack you bag,take a sandwich with you and go." ... Believe me,you have to do more than that.
What am I trying to say is,that it is definitely not impossible to go abroad,but you have to do something for it,you have to believe in your goal and you have to care and ask for information,because if you will not do that,there could wait a very unpleasant surprise for you when you'll come back.For example,that you owe a lot of money to your health insurance company,because you didn't pay anything etc.

The first thing I did was,that I went to my health insurance office and asked them,how does it work,if I want to go abroad and I will not be a student anymore. (If you are not student and you don't work,you have to pay your health insurance on your own! If you didn't register to employment office. )
They told me,that I have two options:
1. I will pay it on my own and sent every month money to their bank account.
2. I will cancel my health insurance in Czech republic and I will pay my health insurance to a company of health insurance in the country where I will work.

So this is a decision which depends on your own situation. For example in my case: I talked to my host family and they said,that I need to have my EHIC ( European Health Insurance Card ) and that meant that I had to stay at my Czech company and pay every month my health insurance.

Together with my health insurance I also wanted to have travel insurance. It's basically the same travel insurance as when you go on holiday,so you can go to this company of yours and ask them for that,BUT you have to say that you are going to work in that country,so it means it's not holiday stay,but work stay and that it of course different from holiday stay,it's more expensive.

What I did next was that I went to Social welfare office and asked if I have to do something or pay something or simply if I have to register there etc. I went there twice I think and they told me,that I don't have to pay anything if I'm not register there. ( For those of you,who already worked,it's not that important or something new,because you probably already know,how it works with Social welfare office,but at that time I just freshly graduated so I was a student back then and everything was kind of new for me! That's why I'm mentioning it!)

The last but not least is Tax Office. As any other adult you or your employer have to pay tax,so it is kind of important to go to tax office and ask them what you should do.In my case I have to send them a evidence,that I work in Switzerland and that my host family is paying the tax for me.

Hopefully I didn't forget about anything and if you would have any questions feel free to ask! :)

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