Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Dear Readers ♥ ,
today I would like to share with you my tips for learning a new language.
For me personally is learning a new language fun and I love it and at school,the only subjects that I liked were Czech,English and German. But I also have to say,that learning some kind of language at school is not enough! You know,it is good for grammar and the basics,but if you really wanna speak fluently,you have to do more for it. :)
In this post I will write about how do I learn German,but it applies to any other language.


The best thing to start with is to watch videos in that kind of language,you wanna learn.
Find a few youtubers who are making videos on topics that you like. It's very good way of learning,because as you are listening what does the person say,at the same time you can also see it,so even if you don't understand everything,you can still understand the context. My favorite german youtubers are Paola Maria and TamTam beauty.
With movies is it kind of tricky,because the actors usually speak very fast. To make it easier you can add subtitles.What I also do is that I watch Disney Channel or any other type of program for children,because they discuss very simple things and I can understand it much better,than when I watch normal movie.

Oh yeah...To be honest,for me,this is the hardest part of learning German.I'm not as confident with German as I'm with English. I'm too shy. But it also depends on with who am I talking. When I have to speak with children in my host family,than is it okay. I know that most of the time I'm saying bull shits :D , but I have to talk in German,because they don't understand English. Or in my language course,when I discuss something with the people there,before the lesson,it is good.
BUT...when I have to speak with my host parents or with my teacher in language course,I start to be really nervous and I can't even talk in German.
So this is something that I really have to work on,so I'm telling you ( and myself :D ) - don't be shy and speak,if you have the opportunity! It is the best things you can do! So the next time you will go to supermarket and you will want to ask,where you can find milk,don't ask in English, ask in German! Just simple little things every day and I'm sure that in few months you will definitely see the difference!

I'm not saying that you should read Harry Potter or something from Shakespear from the beginning. Again. Back to childhood. Start with books for children. I know that it probably will not be your cup of tee and it can be kind of annoying,but they are very simply written! And you will understand it much more than some kind of detective book.
If you have the feeling that you understand children books very well,I would recommend you to continue with love stories,they are also not that much complicated.And what I also do is that I read out loud,of course when I'm alone. It can really help you with pronunciation.

So these are all of my tips for you guys! :) Hopefully they will help you!
Have a beautiful day,

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