Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Dear Readers ♥ ,
Yes, I decided to write my blog again and this time in English. My English is not perfect,so if you will find some grammar mistakes,just accept that. :D
I would really love to try write this blog as often as possible,because since I was 13 I always had some kind of blog.Usually I wrote about celebrities,but now I want write normal posts and I want to take it seriously,but not too too much,because then it wouldn't be fun,if you know what I mean ;).
Right know I'm also working as an Aupair,so you can definitely expect some articles about this topic.
So I hope that you will like my posts and that you will find them helpful and interesting :) .
So that was something for the beginning and now we can move on to the REVIEW,what do you think?
*     *     *     *     *

 I have red cheeks.Always. So that means that when I wear makeup,I want to cover it up.Of course that I'm trying to like my red cheeks (It's very important to love yourself exactly the way you are!) and I don't want to cover my whole face with makeup every day,but when I wear makeup,I want it to look good and that means - Good night Red Cheeks! Sleep well! :D
That's why I decided to try green concealer
And what is actually the green concealer good for? It should help you with your redness on your face.

In my opinion,the best way to use this kind of concealer is,that after you put some cream on or just simply after you do your morning routine,just put the green concealer a blend it into your skin.After that put on some nude concealer and last but not least put on your foundation and if needed fix it with powder.

I tried to test this concealer from NYX. It's kind of liquid consistence,but when you put it on it's kind of dry.That's maybe the reason,why you can't bled it that well.
After I somehow blend it and I put my second concealer and foundation on,I still have the feeling,that I can see the green on my face,which is no good at all.
What I also discovered is, that after whole day of wearing this concealer is my foundation reacting kind of weird and for example around my nose it disappears.
So I'm definitely a big fan of this one,but maybe it just doesn't suit to my skin type.

Do you have some experience with this concealer or with green concealer in general?
If so,then please let me know it the comments! I would love to hear which green concealer is your favourite!

Have a beautiful day!

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