Saturday, 7 January 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Lori Nelson Spielman - The Life List

Dear Readers ♥ ,
today I would like to share with you one book,which I red and which I completely fell in love with.
Before I will tell you something about the book,I would like to tell you short story,about how I actually bought this book.
As you already know,I'm an Au pair in Switzerland and what I didn't expected to find here were second hands. I've never been to second hand before, I started to go there in Switzerland. They have a lot of them here and of course that you can buy there clothes,but you can also find there things for kitchen,furniture,games,DVD,books and lot more.

One day,when I was in city center,I found little second hand. When I walked in,I saw so many stuff there,it was so chaotic and you couldn't almost move there. What I found out was that the owner is one old lady and she works there alone and she has to work as a babysitter to pay the bills. I felt so sad,when I found it out and I wanted to help her or find someone,who would like to help her.
After a while of searching I saw two books. One was about how to be happy and the other one about women and their bodies? I don't remember that exactly. I wasn't sure, if these two book are the ones,which I wanna buy. I just wanted something in German,because I'm trying to improve my German skills :D .
I decided to not buying them and after a few minutes I saw THE BOOK. When I saw the front page,something was telling me that I will like it.
So I bought it for 2 francs and the day after,I started to read it...
You know,before this book,I red just German books for children,because when I tried to read normal books for adults,I couldn't understand anything! But surprisingly I could understand almost everything in this book. I still can't believe it!

Do you have dreams? Did you ever write list of goals?
I have dreams and I write my list of life goals.
Thirty four years old Brett used to write her goals too,but she forgot about them and she didn't make any of her goals to come true.Her mother,which died,wanted her to be happy and to live her dreams,so she left Brett her life list , which she wrote,when she was 14 and she wants her to make everything from the list come true.
Brett has one year to make it and she has no idea how...

I don't want to tell you the whole story,so just read it! For me was this book very inspiring and sometimes I felt like I was inside the book and it was my story,which maybe sounds weird :D , but I just completely fell in love with the story!
It also made me realize,that if you have dreams,you have to fight for them,do something for them,because if you will just wait for them to come true on their own,nothing will happen.
Sometimes also when you want to try something,just try it. Of course that you can fail,but that's life. And you learn from your fails as much as you learn from your success :) . And..NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER STOP TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! ♥

So if you will read this book,let me know how did you like it! :)
Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Dear Vera,

    the book seems interestering to me, so I will see if I find it in german (its just more relaxing to read for me ...) Are there more books you would like to recomend me ? :)