Thursday, 18 May 2017

#1 CONFITALK: It's your life

Hello everybody,
I decided to start something new here on my blog. In CONFITALKS I am going to write about different topics,for example: bullying,traveling,self-love,self-confidence,stress etc..
First of all, I struggle with all of these things quite often and I am not an expert at all! But the point of this is that I would like to share with you my opinions and experience. I am also happy to hear your opinions and experiences. So please share it with me in comments below!

Today's CONFITALK is called - It's your life.
As you may know I am working as an Au pair in Switzerland and even if there are moments,when I don't want to stay here anymore or I cry,because I feel lonely,I will never regret this experience. Right now I have 2 more months left here and sometimes I ask myself: ,,Did this experience actually bring me something?" And you know did and a lot.And that's exactly what I would like to share with you.
Thanks to these 9 months here I realized so many things. But one of the most important one for me was realizing that no matter what anyone says to me,at the end of the day it's my life and only I decide,how am I going to live it.
Even if people tell you what you should do or what is the best for you,please,don't listen to them. I don't say that you shouldn't listen at all,no. Listening is important and sometimes a good advice can really help you or open up your eyes,but what I mean is,don't let other people to control your life,because they don't live your life.You do.
So for example if your dream is to travel the world and people around you are telling to you,how dangerous it could be,how expensive everything is and that you should study,ask them something. Ask them if they actually ever tried to travel,if they are so smart that they know everything about that.Ask them,if they've ever experienced, how does it actually feel to travel.
According to my experience,most of the time these people,who are telling you these negative things, have never been anywhere and the only thing that they do every day is that they have a job,which they hate and the only thing that makes them happy is to watch TV every evening.
I really don't want this to sound rude,but thing about it for a few minutes.
We complain very often about a lot of things or we are looking for excuses,why we can't do the things we want. You know,our planet exists for millions of years and if you compare it to one human life,which is around 75 years long,you will find out that our time on this planet is very short and it goes fast. That means we should make the most of it.
Stop to look for the reasons why things are not possible and try to think of the possibilities how to make your dreams and goals come true! It won't be easy,but at the end it's going to be worth it!
It's very easy to become affected by other peoples opinions,I know. I remember that during my school years I was so afraid all the time to actually raise my voice and to say my opinion out loud,because I thought that people would laugh and thought that I am stupid.
To be honest, I still struggle with this a little bit,but I think that I made kind of a progress and I handle this better,but I still need to work on it and it takes time and a lot of patience. But if you don't give up and take it step by step every day,I am sure you are going to see how your relationship with yourself is becoming better and how your voice is stronger.

If this post is going to help at least one person,mission is done!


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