Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Hello everybody!
In today's post I would like to introduce you a book. It's a biography of Malala Yousafzai..

This young women is quite amazing. She is 20 years old and comes from Pakistan.
Malala's life wasn't easy at all.
People - me included - who lives in countries,where education is available for everyone or who doesn't need to be afraid of going to school every day,because someone could kill them,is quite hard to imagine that there are actually places on our planet,where this happens.
When I look back on these times,when I was studying at gymnasium...I don't know how does it work at your school,but in my school 90% of the students were most of the time during the lesson playing with their phones and were so annoyed that they have to go to school,sit there and pay attention.

If you belong to this group of people,who hates to go to school,then I really recommend to you to read this book.
It makes you realize not only how lucky you are to actually go to school,but also how lucky you are,if you live in the country,where is no war.
On the other hand...I know it's not always easy to go to school. There are thousands of kids who are bullied and I know that if I would tell them: ,, Going to school is amazing,be grateful!" they would probably start to hate me. But this is another topic,I am going write another post about bullying later.

So back to the book...
I started to enjoy reading biographies of successful and famous people. It inspires me so much!
I admire Malala a lot for her strenght to fight for humans rights to be educated.
Even if she was shooted by Taliban and she needed a long time to recover,she never gave up.
This book also allowed me to learn something more about Pakistan and muslim religion,which I am grateful for.
But what I appreciate the most is that I become aware of what I actually have in my life and how grateful I can be for every single day.


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