Thursday, 11 May 2017


Hello everybody!
Recently I discovered few recipe of very easy and healthy breakfast. To be honest, breakfast for me is the most favorite meal of the day. I prefer to eat sweet things,so I am sorry for those of you who loves bread with ham and cheese,this post is probably not going to be for you. But still! Maybe you could get some inspiration ;) .

I used to eat this kind of Müsli only with white yogurt,but then one day I came into the kitchen,oped the fridge and there was no more left.I was a little bit angry at first and I thought: ,,OMG! I really don't want to eat Müsli on it's own!" And then I realized that we have some bananas left. So I turn on my creativity and started to improvise.
First I took a bowl and with spoon I smashed the banana.Then I added Müsli and cinnamon and I properly mixed everything together. On top I added some blueberries. And you know what?
This simple meal is the best breakfast ever!

These pancakes recipe is like the easiest ever!
Basically you mix together 2 eggs and 2 bananas (one portion) and then you put a little bit of oil on a pan and with spoon you put the mixture on the pan.
Ones the pancakes are done,you can add any type of fruits that you like and for some sweetness you can add maple syrup.

First of all you cook whenever porridge you like. I usually take porridge without any taste and I cook it with milk. When it's done I simply mix it together with nuts and honey and as you can see in the picture also with strawberries. (BUT! Only from our garden...I hate the ones from supermarket..)

So that's it! I really hope that you liked this posts and that it gave you some kind of inspiration!ke to eat for breakfast!
Hope you have a wonderful day! ConfiVera
Let me know in the comments what do you li

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