Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Watching the scereny flying by increadibly fast. Reminder of life going fast. Can't catch it.
Looking around...phones all over the place. No real connection.
Life is passing by, do they have a clue?
Not aware of the miracles around them, not aware of themselves.

Ladies talking about their nails.
Young couple... she is from Poland,he is German. She is studying law and he government. Too many pauses, awkwardness in the air.

* * *

I've been here once in December and I felt like the happiest person in the world. Big waves were flushing the beach and at that moment I fully believed that no matter how big and crazy my dreams are, I can do it and I will.

Here I am few years later as a solo traveler. More confused about my life that I've even been. I am sitting at the beach watching the line where the sky meets the see and there are tiers in my eyes. I feel grateful for the sun,for the calming sound of the waves. It's a blessing. 

I am starving. One thing about me - I am hungry all the time, I love food. As a vegan - 2x more hungry.
SIX restaurant. 
Table for one please. Still feels weird to say that, slowly getting use to it. Regretful face of the waiter.
Would you like this table? ... By the door.
Many young waitresses..confussion,stress in the air. 

Food is okay. Trying not to think that everyone is watching me eating. Trying to remind myself that they care about themselves.
Anxious again.
The bill please.

* * *

Everything happens for a reason, I believe.
Secret messages all around, you just need to pause for a moment and look.

* * *

Reminder of my goal. If it would be yellow it would be mine and I would travel the world together with the love of my life, but the time is not right yet.

* * *

Sometimes I feel like art and me... it just doesn't go together, but honestly... I think art is for everybody. At school they teach us what is the ,,true meaning'' of painting or poet, but let me tell you something. These is no ONE true meaning. There are billions of meanings, we just need to find the one that is hidden deep in our hearts and protect it,keep it and believe in it.

* * *
I almost ended up in vegan fast food.
But I told myself to be patient and look for something different. Something was telling me that there is something much better hidden in these magical streets of Brighton.
There was...Puezzo.
Pizza tastes like heaven. How does heaven taste? I don't know, I can only guess, but what I know for sure is that this was the best pizza that I have ever eaten. The dough was so soft and the combination of ingredience absolutely delicious.


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