Saturday, 22 September 2018

#3 CONFITALK: Boss The Bitch - Is She?

Hi everyone,
I am currently looking for a part-time job and today I did a trial shift in local vegan restaurant.
I loved the place! It was absolutely my style and I am vegan myself so what could be better?!
You know what? The boss.
Do you know the feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you feel so good around them and you are naturally yourself? That was the case when I was with my (hopefully in future) colleagues. But the boss...god! I felt so nervous around her because everyone around me was like,she is nice but crazy and you should look like you are busy all the time and she can be irritating and sometimes mean.
Was it true or did I feel like that because they told me so (not on porpouse).
There was one moment when my colleauge cut 2 slices of cake and then the boss came and she asked what is that. My colleague said that some non-vegan people order it and when they found out that it's vegan they didn't even want to try it. She was like .. are you serious that's so rude!?
Than the boss walked away and everybody laughed (me included - do know why actually.. I was completely like them even if I didn't know the boss, only because they told me. Interesting isn't it?) . Then my colleuage said that she hates lying but that the boss would be angry if she would tell her that she cut the cakes fo themselves... they didn't share with me, not sure why..assume because I was on trial shift. I don't know and don't care that much, it just popped on my mind.
But my colleauge was nice actually and funny and she allowed me to have smoothie.

What I learned today is how much opinion of others can influence you. And also that not everything is perfect and even when I felt like myself and confident in the restaurant I am not sure how do I feel about the people and what is true or not. I hope I will have the chance to find out
If I get the job I will do my best,because I would love to support vegan business and I also want to earn money to go abroad.

What's your experience with new job/enviroment? Share in comments!

Lots of Love ConfiVera

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