Friday, 19 October 2018


There is a difference between BEING ALONE and BEING LONELY.
I like to be alone once in a while, have time for myself,listen to some good music,light up a candle and just relax.
But you can feel lonely even if you are surrounded by hundreds of people. It's this emptiness in your chest,your throat is tight and you feel like there is nobody to understand,help or comfort you.
It's about self-love and gratitude is the key I know. And it is.
But I have this feeling that everyone is wearing a masks, so many different masks. Each of them for different occasion. One for school/work , one for lunch with people you don't even like, one when you are traveling by underground and one for the occasional small talk when you picking up your kids from school and you are trying to look like everything is great and life is perfect.
I strongly believe that life is a gift,don't get me wrong,and it is wonderful...but I just feel like even in today's world we can't / are not able to show our feelings and emotions in public, because we feel like lifes of others are perfect (after spending 30 minutes scrolling someone elses Instagram account..) and so we think we have to look like our life is perfect as well that we are smiling every day 24/7. We feel like we have to fit in,to say things so other people are happy with us. No! That's not okay!
Stop wearing your mask and start to live! If you don't like something say it. If you like something say it!
I am so tired of this typical british "Hi,you're 'right?" .. "Yeah,I'm alright and you?" or "Have a lovely day!" being said with fake smile and tapping on your shoulder.
Why the hell would you ask someone how he or she is and wouldn't even care?! WTF?!
We don't comunicate with each other at all. We are so hypnotized by our electronical divices and it's so bad that the person next to you can feel like dying from saddness and loneliness and you don't even give a FUCK!
Or what about small children or young adults or adults or old people...simply all of us. We need to help each other and protect each other.
You come to college and see how the majority of people is jugding others by the way they look,speak or act. Or you come to kindergarten and see really tuff child and you start to yell at him/her and tell him/her off,buy what if the childs father or mother is alcoholic,abusive or menthaly sick?
Or you see an old smelly man at the train station... what if he is living in a empty house and his family don't care about him and he would kill for the smallest smile or act of kindness?

I just needed to share this. Please help others. Even the smallest act of kindness can change somebody's life.

Lots of Love ConfiVera

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