Monday, 12 December 2016

RECIPE: Pumpkin soup

Dear Readers ♥ ,
today I would like to share with you this very easy and very delicious recipe for pumpkin soup.
I know how to make this soup thanks to my host mum. :)
For the pumpkin soup you will need:

→ 1 Hokaidó pumpkin
→ potatoes ( 1/2 weight of the pumpkin )
→ leek ( 7 big peaces )
→ carrots ( 1/2 weight of the pumpkin )
→ 1 liter of cold water with two teaspoons of vegeta

First of all you put olive oil and leek together into a big pot and you let it cook for a while,then you add potatoes,carrots and pumpkin - everything you have to clean and cut in peaces. ( The pumpkin goes as the last item,because it doesn't need so much time to cook as potatoes and carrots.Don't forget to clean the inside of the pumpkin. ) Then you add water with vegeta in it and you let you soup cook till the carrots and potatoes are soft.
After that you let it cool down and then you mix it. Be careful,because everything should be mixed very well so you can't find for example pieces of carrots.
You can store it in the fridge or in deep freezer,but before you serve it,put a dash of milk in it to make it liquid and also add any spices you like!
Enjoy your meal!

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