Friday, 26 May 2017


Hello everybody,
today I have another review for you.
I was wondering,what kind of post I should write and then I thought that review would be actually a good idea and I am also kind of ashamed that I didn't share this miracle with you long time ago,because I use this product every day for more then 2 years!

What I love about this product is that it dries very quickly and you also don't need too much of it. It takes me more then half a year to use the whole packaging. It smells really nice and hydrates your skin very well.My skin after using this cream is very soft and feels healthy. I use the cream every morning and sometimes in the evening.
This type of cream is for normal to combination skin. I have combination skin,so if you have for example oily or dry skin,maybe this cream is not the right choice for you. 
I would say that you can buy it in every drugstore. The price is ca. 3,00 euros.

I know that this is a very short review,but the product is simply amazing!
Let me know,what kind creams are you using!

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